vendredi 12 juillet 2013

What you have not understood, Mister Snowden...

Mister Snowden, what did you seek to prove through your deeds?
Mister Snowden, what did you think your “disclosures” would provoke among the people who enjoy the marvellous benefits of being spied by institutions globally now?

Mister Snowden, did you really believe that “disclosing” the NSA spying activities could change something and that the Earth’s populations would force their beloved governments to stop their illegal activities?

Mister Snowden, it seems that, after spending one week in the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, legally outside of Russia, the situation is blocked and nobody is willing to host you. Or, to say the least, the alternatives can be counted on no more than one hand’s fingers.

Judging by this yardstick, aren’t you astonished that nobody in the so-called “free” world hurried to grant you the political asylum you deserve, that the global populations did not stand up like a single herd to support you against the nomenklatura whose henchmen are spying us night and day?

Aren’t you surprised that the Western flocks of devotees to demokracy, human rights, women’s rights, red fish and blablabla, all of the gaggles mobilized for the femen, the ‘same-sex marriage’ or the ‘solar power panels’, that nobody hustled to support you? Not to mention our cherished “intellectuals” in France who engage in sophisticated and misleading media campaigns to “liberate” certain countries from genuine or fake dictators after executing the appropriate humanitarian bombings. We haven’t seen anyone of the above activists stand up and fight for you, although they never miss an opportunity - usually the worst one - to show off in Pig on Earth’s misinformation media. 

Mister Snowden, we wish to reveal a sad reality to you: Nobody will help you because nobody gives a damn for what you have disclosed.

Nobody will stand up for you, Mister Snowden, because nobody wants to be disturbed by your activities or those of your colleagues in the future, if any, which is far from certain. There will be no uprising to support you, Mister Snowden, because nobody wants to lose his red fish blissfulness with his daily bird’s nest food and to stop turning freely inside of the fishbowls that our beloved governments have created for the well-being of us all watching television through the distorting glass of the said fishbowls.

Mister Snowden, you are not a hero, contrary to what is pretended by some excited people in blogs that no one reads. You are a “spoilsport”, that’s how the people you wanted to warn see you. And that’s precisely why nobody will help you, and the “free” and demokratic crowds of the so-called Western world will not lift a finger to help you. Because you are threatening them, those “free” and “demokracy”-loving crowds, through you pretended “disclosures”. You are prompting their meanness and cowardice right under their noses.

They will not forgive you.

As indicated in the latest CNN/ORC International Survey poll (here), 52% of the interrogated (North-American) persons wish to see you extradited and dragged to court for “treason”, without realizing that by doing so they are betraying themselves. Anyway, they can’t be asked too much.

In short, Mister Snowden, what you have done is useless, it will not change the situation. On the contrary, the system will become stronger again thanks to the general inertia of populations that are lobotomized and anaesthetized by the propaganda and petty-bourgeois comfort in which they have to survive day by day while they are promised immortality (thanks to biotechnology advances) to benefit forever from this exalting survival that is our daily bread now.

Mister Snowden, you are alone.
Well, almost alone, but that will not make a difference to save your own life.
You live in the wrong century. You have been caught by the system’s propaganda that constantly repeats us how much we all aspire to freedom, demokracy and blablabla… while we all survive in an increasingly totalitarian and collectivist universe where true freedom is on the point to disappear completely.

You have believed in it.
You have been wrong.

But it was all natural, because you are yourself a product of the system against which you have stood up so courageously. You have been abused by the use of fabricated words and expressions that have lost their original meanings for their exact reverse:
Freedom = coercion ; individuality = collectivism ; demokracy = tyranny, etc.

You thought that you were rebelling against the system without realizing the mystification in which we all survive. We have lost touch with reality to such an extent that we imagine that it is in what we survive.

Hence, the fundamental issue of words with reversed meanings as stated above, which is the source of your contemporaries’ misunderstandings. That is how your rebellion will strengthen the system that benefits from the general inertia. In the beginning anyway. On the other hand, the measures taken to avoid the repetition of situations like the one you have created will strengthen the fragility of the system; in the long run, they will contribute to its breakdown by eroding its efficiency, which is already problematic.

Dear Mister Snowden, you have not realized that the populations that you intended to warn of the danger that threatens them are not ready to listen to what you have to say. They are not ready because they believe in the system’s propaganda. They believe willingly that the system “exaggerates” a little bit, surely, but they believe more that they are actually facing a danger that threatens their comfort and survival, hence their request to be protected. That’s how they are delighted to discharge their responsibilities to the Leviathan state; they are relieved to abdicate their independence, either to earn their living or avoid thinking by themselves. Not to mention the supposed danger that threatens the so-called “civilization” (again a semantic inversion, one of the most serious ones by the way) that is ours.

You have made two misjudgements:
- You have overestimated the thirst of our populations for freedom.
- You have underestimated the fear that plagues them.

That’s why they have abdicated all freedom for a supposed security.

The President of the United States of America, a Nobel Peace Price (is there a nicer inversion of word meaning?), has put it in a remarkable summary:
“I think it’s important to recognize that you can’t have 100 percent security and also then have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience”.

As far as we are concerned, we have sacrificed almost 100% of our freedom for uncertain security, because 100% security cannot be obtained reasonably. That explains the ever increasing extension of general spying activities and the loss of freedom that follows like a shadow. How bad can it get? To the collapse of the system under its own weight.

Freedom is a burden, Mister Snowden. It is a heavy weight to lift and the shoulders of most of our contemporaries are not strong enough to support its charge and constraints. Self-responsibility, which is the fundament of all freedom, is now a grinning mask that frightens most of our contemporaries.

Do you think that we are exaggerating?
Let us see.

Did the Wikileaks exposures change anything?
Was soldier Bradley Manning freed?
Did frenzied crowds rally for his release? No, quite the contrary.
Did the wars waged in the name of Good in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria, result in massive protest demonstrations?
Have the unbelievable lies we were told shamelessly to justify these wars been denunciated and their authors prosecuted?
Has the population demonstrated to oppose these lies? Not to our knowledge.

As we wrote above, you live in the wrong century, Mister Snowden.
Undeniably, we no longer live in the Vietnam War era when the population in USA opposed strong resistance, pushing President Nixon to withdraw from Vietnam.
Who demonstrates today? Nobody.

In your interview with the Guardian on the 9th of June, you stated:

“I don’t want to live in a society that does this sort of things (general spying, etc.).
I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded.
That is not something I am willing to support or live under”.

And that is the problem, Mister Snowden, you are one of the few people who are still annoyed by the obligation to survive in a world like this one. 

Because, as has already been said, the majority of populations nowadays are not upset by the future Brave New World, but they also demand the advent of a general panopticon.

For their security and well-being.
Because they don’t care about their freedom.

John Stuart-Mill understood well the mechanism that provokes the man’s dwarfing:

“A state that dwarfs its men, in order that they may be more docile instruments in its hands, even for beneficial purposes, will find that with small men no great things can really be accomplished”.

That’s what you haven’t understood, Mister Snowden: you are too great for them.

But in the meantime, everybody is happy in Pig on Earth, the Brave New World.

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