mardi 23 avril 2013

Assault in Libya: who and where are the culprits

French version

Our French Foreign Affairs Sinister travelled to Libya to witness the damages caused by the assault on the French Embassy in Libya.

Of course, we wonder if this operation was a dirty trick played by Gaddafi using underhand finance, as he usually does… Ah, but they say that he is dead now, and therefore, may not be held guilty.

Unfortunately, our French Foreign Affairs Sinister wants culprits. He does not only want guilty people, but he wants to … punish them !? Really? We thought that we’d better offer the other cheek… But, don’t worry, dear readers, he will not go as far as demanding death penalty, or even wish death for the guilty. Oh, no, no, no, this kind of thing only applies to incumbent chiefs-of-state who defend their countries against aggressions waged by foreign powers with which we are somehow acquainted.

It matters so little, this is another long and miserable story, as are almost all of the other stories.

For the moment, our French Foreign Affairs Sinister is very angry.

What is more, as some may have noticed, Libya has become a nice and good demokracy that all of us like so much, and to which we love to give birth using forceps during delivery, humanitarian bombings, terrorist assaults for the benefit of mankind, chiefs-of states’ assassinations and bla bla bla... In brief, it’s always the same old refrain.

So far, all we can do is to observe that :

Since the time when we “freed” (following our dear elite’s expression) Libya in order to serve them on a silver plate this nice demokracy that we and our British and American allies cherish so much, we have recorded the following :

1) On the 11th of July 2010, the British Ambassador and his convoy were attacked by militia men. If memory serves well, this attack caused the death of two people, but the Ambassador was not injured.

2 ) On the 11th of September 2012, the US Ambassador was killed in the attack of a CIA’s barrack in Benghazi, as well as other members of his team.

3) Today is the turn of our Embassy to be attacked in car bombings.

Well, we must conclude that the people that we have freed are ungrateful and unable to recognize who their true friends are. Because, there is no doubt, dear readers, that the offenders are tied up with those who benefited from our weapons and military support, the same people who were close friends with philosopher Bernard Henry Lévy and so on.

Libya is now a land of wreck and ruin thanks to us, and this nice and vivid democracy, which we all cherish so deeply, is suffering anarchy and war between rival militias.

Who should we thank ?

Maybe these people are the actual guilty ones - not those chased by our French Foreign Affairs Sinister - but those who supplied weapons and helped to overthrow our old ally Gaddafi.

In this case, the path of investigations should point to Paris and London, instead of Tripoli.

But for now, everybody is happy in Pig on Earth, the brave new world.

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